The Ugandan Ministry of health and NMS have awarded FiT a final mile distribution project for temperature controlled vaccines funded by GAVI. The pilot project is carried out in 3 districts in Uganda.

The current vaccine allocations are managed at district level and there is no stock and quality visibility and control by the Central Vaccine Store and donors which opposes equitable distribution to of potent vaccines to the actual Health Facilities. While NMS is delivering all medicines to health facilities every two months it delivers vaccines monthly, however only up to district vaccine store level to comply with WHO guidelines and due to their cold – chain requirement and package dimensions.

In Phase 1 of the final mile distribution project FiT is rolling out the temperature controlled final mile delivery of vaccine parcels from the district vaccines stores, which will be utilized as temporary storage and distribution hub, to the health facilities in 3 model districts, which will then be rolled out to the whole country in Phase 2.