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The Story of Innovation and Consistency

Over 20 years ago, Sunripe – a fruits and vegetables grower and exporter faced a difficult situation of supply chain for its products. Since the company sold perishables to over 30 countries worldwide, they needed to come up with a precise logistics solution to be able to meet the high demand and maintain integrity of their products. The whole process is time and temperature sensitive and they needed to control that part of the supply chain because if they relied on anyone else, the chances of the products getting ruined along the way were quite high.  Sunripe then decided to take the risk, do something completely new and unique and create their own supply chain solution company. It was at this moment that Freight in Time was born.  From the very start, Freight in Time (FiT) was about innovation and value addition. They weren’t going to offer simple supply chain solutions but, end to end supply chain solutions.  They began working for their own company, making sure fresh produce is packed, stored correctly and transported to over 30 countries in the world, straight to big retail brands like Tesco and Carrefour.  A couple of years later, FiT realized that they needed a network; an expansive global network that would make the company more efficient, setting them apart from anyone else. An idea came to work with partners, the big players in the industry like UPS and Ethiopian Airlines.  Interestingly, most of their global partners didn’t know how provide their solutions to East Africa. It was quite difficult for them to get through to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Djibouti because they are landlocked countries and there were no precise and reliable means to get freight to them. FiT figured that if they built a regional network, they could plug in to these global networks and be able to give end to end supply chain solutions. The company grew exponentially, opening offices in every airport, port and border point in the region. By developing a level of service that’s unique with global standards, they were able to expand their network, partnering up with 14 of the top 20 best freight integrators in the world. FiT reintegrated the freight industry of Eastern Africa by encompassing  all elements of freight, together with courier express, warehousing and distribution. By providing innovative end to end supply chain solutions with value addition, FiT has become the best and most unique logistics company in Eastern Africa and the thought leader in  the global freight industry.

Are you looking for the best in market logistics service, distribution and warehousing? Why not try us by requesting for a Quote .

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