Our Specialities

More than just a logistics company

We boast of in excess of twenty years’ experience in Clearing and Forwarding of Freight and Logistics in the key sectors ranging from Perishables, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, ICT and Humanitarian & Relief.


We are specialists in the sector that was somewhat the nursery of FIT. We are operating cold rooms equipped with vacuum coolers and x-ray scanners and understand the handling requirements of perishables (flowers, fruits and vegetables,  foodstuff)  in any state of aggregation (fresh, frozen) and in any mode of transportation (by sea, air and road)

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

FIT has vast experience in clearing and forwarding of pharmaceuticals and medical devices incl. the regulatory requirements for imports and the exemption processing as well as spare part logistics for medical facilities. We are one of the few companies with expertise in final mile distribution of cold chain pharmaceuticals.

Humanitarian & Relief

With increasing reach in the region FIT also became an ever more important partner top-tier global logistics companies and international organizations and NGOs involved in humanitarian sector and relief operations. From mosquito nets over testing kits for diseases to food supplements, FIT has been involved in a multitude of warehousing and distribution operations to aid humanitarian and natural emergencies in the region.

Telecommunications & ICT

FIT doesn’t only have vast experience with the import and distribution of telecommunication and ICT equipment but are also specialists in the spare part logistics (SPL) thereof. The range of solutions for the ICT industry entails IOR (Importer of Record), integration of client’s warehouse management systems (WMS) to ensure real time visibility of stock as well as fiscal representation solutions.